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No Spam Policy

AEIOU has a strict no-spam policy. We do not send e-mail to anyone unless they contact us first and only then where necessary to respond to requests. We never reply to unsolicited commercial e-mails regardless of how tempting the offer looks.

We do not use e-mail addresses containing the name. Any e-mail sent out will use an alternative senders address.

We do not accept any e-mail at, it is all automatically deleted. PLEASE DO NOT SEND E-MAIL TO AEIOU - IT WILL NEVER BE SEEN

We do not use e-mail for marketing purposes and never pass details to third parties.

If you receive e-mail which appears to have been sent from any e-mail address, you should either delete it or complain to the company which is selling the products or services as they are responsible for forging the "from" address.

If you have anti-spam software or filters, you could set them to block or delete any e-mail from Please do not bounce back any e-mail, it only wastes resources across the internet.

It is not a good idea to reply to spam or unsubscribe as you are only likely to get more spam as a result.

For more information on spam and how to avoid it, check out anti-spam sites such as SpamCop or SpamHaus.